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About us

Nuchas is an American made but internationally inspired handheld food company that sprung from a kiosk in Times Square, New York City. It became known for its award-winning Nuchas, the ultimate evolution of an age-old concept: the handheld meal known as empanadas.

Perfectly baked and purposefully shaped to put all the flavors, aromas and colors that make up our melting pot, in the palm of your hand. In a frantically-paced society, as digitally connected as it is culturally divided, Nuchas offer a timely marriage of culture and convenience no other handheld meal on earth can.


In 2009, Ariel and his wife (Leni) arrived in New York City with a dream to transform a staple of Argentinian culture – the iconic empanada – into a gourmet meal so delicious, so convenient and so simple that the rest of the world would love and trust…and yes, why not, to disrupt the fast-food industry!

Timing landed us in the middle of Times Square giving us an amazing platform from where to launch our brand. From there, we opened multiple locations, purchased our own manufacturing facility and certified it USDA, FDA, SQF Level 3. We started wholesaling, selling to the best stores in the country, airlines and much more.

With those foundations in place, we were now ready to take a dive into the proverbial Shark Tank.

Great things have happened since then, we opened in Convention Centers Jacob Javits Center, in NYC, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Launched our direct to consumer platform, shipping Nationwide and have many other amazing things coming in the near future. The opportunities are endless and the future is bright. Hoping to see you at stadiums and entertainment venues near you!


Our fearless leader, Ariel Barbouth, was the first in the tank on ABC’s Shark Tank While he ultimately walked away without a deal, that is not stopping Nuchas!

Season 10, Episode 18


It’s our differences, not our similarities, that make the world a place worth living, exploring, and tasting. We are on a mission to bridge cultural divides through unique flavors from everywhere on earth that remind us how delicious our differences can be.


As a company, we strive to lead with the core values that guide us through every decision we make.


We carefully use premium and genuinely raw ingredients from purveyors that share our core values and are source verified.


We are SQF level 3, HACCP/FDA/USDA inspected facility. Offering a product that you can love and trust.


Whether it relates to our customers, communities or employees, we put people at the center of all what we do.


Whether in a stadium, airport, cafe, office or airplane. Nuchas aims to become the most appreciated and respected handheld food company in the US and in the world.

Nuchas for everyone, everywhere and for every occasion!